Gold Mining Process and Equipment

Gold Mining

Gold ore mainly refers the mineral which has gold content and exploitation value. The gold mining means get gold from gold ores. According to gold structure and content in the ore, gold ore can be classified into gold mineral, gold bearing mineral and gold carrier mineral. For getting gold, we need gold mining equipment to process gold ore. Here we will talk about gold mining process and gold mining equipment.

Gold Mining Equipment

Gold mining equipment is the machine which is used to process gold ore. Currently, the main gold beneficiation plant is normally that after crushing by crusher and grinding by ball grinder, gravity separation and floatation or chemical method shall be adopted to extract concentrate and tailings, and then through smelting, and the mineral shall become the finished gold. Gravity separation and floatation are the most common ways adopted in gold ore beneficiation plant.

Gold Ore Crusher

We provide gold ore crushers listed below. You can use these crushers to crush gold ore into particles. Then we can send crushed gold ore into ball mill.

1. jaw crusher
2. cone crusher

Gold Ore Grinding Machine

We mainly use wet ball mill as the gold ore ball grinding mill. In some gold ore processing procedures, the milling process is the first steps of gold beneficiation plant. We provide ball mill listed below.

1. Wet Ball Mill
2. overflow ball mill
3. dry ball mill

Gold Separation Equipment

After grinding, we can use gold separation equipment to get gold and gold ore concentrate in gold beneficiation plant.

Gravity Separation Equipment: shaking table and jig machine. Gravity separation is a method to separate ore based on different mineral densities and occupies an important place in modern mineral separation.

flotation machine: Floatation is one of the most widely used methods to treat vein gold ore in gold beneficiation plants.

Heap Leaching Equipment: It is uneconomical to treat this kind of ores by conventional cyanidation gold-extraction process but economical to use heap leaching production process. It suits for large scale gold leaching plant.

Gold Ore Washing Machine: Spiral Washer.

Gold Mining Process

large scale gold mining plant

Large Scale Gold Mining Plant

Small Scale Gold Mining Plant

Gold Ore Processing Plant Flow Chart

Gold Ore Processing Plant Flow Chart

Gold Mining Plant Construction

SKE is a gold mining equipment manufacturer in China. We provide gold mining equipment including gold ore crusher, gold ore ball mill, and gold separation machine. You can get small, medium, and large-scale gold mining plant from our company. We provide services listed below.

1. Making Gold Mining Plans
2. Selection Gold Mining Equipment
3. Gold Mining Equipment Manufacturer
4. Gold Mining Plant Installation
5. Workers Training
6. Spare Part Supplier

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