Copper Ore Mining Processing and Equipment

Copper Ore

Copper ore is the composite of copper's sulfide, oxide and other minerals. When reacting with vitriol, glaucous copper sulfate forms. Natural copper ore has various colors. Brass is bright yellow. Bornite is dark copper red and when it is oxidized, it would turn bluish violet. Chalcocite is lead gray while the copper sulphide is indigo blue. Before getting copper, we need copper mining plant copper ore mining equipment to get high level copper ore concentrate.

Copper Mining Equipment

copper ore mining equipment

Copper mining includes copper mine discovering, copper ore quarrying, and copper ore concentrate processing. SKE is copper ore mining plant equipment manufacturer in China. We mainly provide copper ore quarrying and processing solutions. You can get copper mining equipment listed below from our company.

1. Copper ore conveyor: Overland conveyor and In-plant conveyor.
2. Copper ore crusher: jaw crusher and cone crusher.
3. Copper ore grinding mill: ball mill.
4. Copper ore separation equipment: flotation machine, leaching equipment.

Copper Ore Processing

Disseminated Copper Ore Processing

Firstly, ore is ground until the material whose size is around 200mesh takes up 50%~ 70%. Next, the material would undergo coarse separation once, careful separation twice or three times and scavenging once or twice. If the copper ore is fine, phased grinding and separation process is adopted. For processing bornite, the rough concentrate would be ground again and sent to be separated carefully. Through coarse grinding, coarse separation and scavenging, coarse rough concentrate can be got which would be ground once more and separated carefully to produce high-grade copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate.

Dense Copper Ore Processing

Because the brass and pyrite coexist in the dense copper ore, the brass is easy to be activated by the secondary copper minerals and the high content of pyrite is difficult to be separated. During separation, copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate need to be selected simultaneously. Usually, the tailing after the copper concentrate is separated is sulfur concentrate. If the gangue content is above 20%~25%, to get sulfur concentrate, it is necessary to separate the gangue further. For processing of dense copper ore, two-stage or even multi-stage grinding is needed and the requirement of fineness must be detailed.

copper ore processing flow chart using floation separation machine

Copper ore Benefication Flow Char Using Flotation Method

copper ore separation using leaching solutions

Copper Ore Beneficiation Flow Chart Using Leaching Plans.

Copper Ore Concentrator Construction

SKE is copper ore concentrate processing plant construction provider in China. You can get complete copper ore mining plant from our company. Are you looking for copper ore processing plant and equipment? You can contact us and get plans and quotation. We provide services below.

1. Making Copper Mining Plant Plans
2. Copper Ore Processing Equipment Selection
3. Copper Ore Mining Equipment Manufacturing
4. Copper Mining Plant Installation
5. Worker Training
6. Spare Parts Supplier

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